Honeycomb Technology Solutions is a successful technology sales and channel development company.  Our key deliverables provide a useful insight into the value we can deliver to the market on behalf of our technology vendors.  Please take a moment to read some of our Case Studies:  

Dubber Corporation Ltd (ASX: DUB) (click here) 

Dubber is our cloud-based voice recording and audio asset management solution. It ensures all incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded and stored within a highly secure environment, facilitating instant access and recovery. Recorded calls are always “live” and “available” 24x7x365 with a simple mouse click.  Dubber turns your browser into a phone without the need for any additional software, plug-ins or hardware.  Dubber can also be deployed onto your desk phones and mobile phones.

Key Points:

  • Dubber Call Recording costs less than $20 a month per user (that’s less than $240 per annum)
  • Dubber is purely an OpEx model, no capital expenditure required, no hardware deployed
  • Dubber can be integrated into most CRM platforms so calls can be indexed into your customer database
  • Dubber can be integrated into any Cisco telephone system and deployed via Cisco HCS
  • Dubber is also available as a hosted VoIP platform through many of the major global telco service providers
  • Any call captured by this platform can easily be made available to the customer, to an auditor or the regulator with just a simple mouse click
  • A massive number of calls can be stored (in the cloud) for years, up to 32hours worth of calls per week per user (100,000 minutes per annum)
  • Calls are always “live” and “available” through the secure Dubber cloud which is built on the AWS backbone
Dubber is a truly disruptive technology platform and a total game-changer for the voice recording industry.  It is now providing transparency and ensuring compliance across a number of key industry sectors including:
  • financial services
  • insurance
  • legal
  • broking
  • professional services
  • customer contact centres



Kakku enables you to seamlessly engaging customers with a powerful CRM application, without requiring user app download. KORE comes with a full suite of location-based social CRM systems that help you engage directly with individual customers.

You can customise communications, events, promotions and loyalty programs. The KORE social CRM system is ready to go for white-labelling, where your business can instantly launch a powerful mobile loyalty platform, straight from your network..


Shopping Malls.

Rich and interactive content insertion for customer engagement and promotion.

High profile shopping malls and event venues in Japan and China are using our platform to customise and target content insertions towards in-venue consumers.

Contextual and relevant contents have proven to attract unique click-through-rates (CTR) of over 50%! Kakku enables rich and interactive contents to be flexibly scheduled. Statistics do not lie, with the evidence of such high CTR, enterprise venue owners are loving this new technology to promote to their customers.

Kakku also provide extensive user-content interaction analytics so venue owners can easily understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and promotions. Extensive amount of data is collected and analysed with machine learning engine to ensure every individual consumer sees the most relevant contents and advertisements.